ORBELI - Analytical Research Center

About Us


Orbeli Center is one of the projects of “Public Relations and Information Center of Staff of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO, which conducts research and analysis on economy, regional, domestic and foreign policy developments, security, infrastructures and media. The works of our experts are published on the Center’s website. We are sure, that expertise and research centers have great importance in the social, political and economic development of Armenia.


Specialised research are useful for experts, decision-makers, private structures, analysts and for others. The content of our articles is structured in combination with universal and reliable facts, divergent views and approaches. We are open for opinions, advice and suggestions of professional circles.


Orbeli Center is willing to cooperate with state, private, Armenian and foreign research centers, educational institutions and other individuals interested in it. We are convinced that the multilateral projects will be useful for the development of public-political mind, for identifying issues of vital importance and for finding solutions.

Origin of the Name

The Center carries the name of the first president of the National Acadamy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia Hovsep Orbeli. The greatest scientist had an indisputable investment in the creation and development process of the Armenian scientific environment. It is a great honor and responsibility for us to establish a center carrying the name of the famous Armenian.

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Orbeli.am Website consists of politics, economy, security, international and regional sections. The analyses of our experts are published accordingly in each of these sections, trying to cover all the issues as comprehensively as possible. The website also presents the reviews section, where the authors show their professional attitude towards various issues, make suggestions and raise public issues. We also have the videos section, where our experts briefly tell about different episodes of their research themes.“Orbeli” Center also has pages on social networks, which are additional platforms for professional discussing and evaluation.Dozens of experts, having great professional potential and significant experience are involved in the project’s activities.
"Orbeli" Center's activity include, but is not limited to the website. We organize seminars, forums and conferences, the most important parts of which are published on our website.

"Orbeli" Center cooperates with representatives from the expert community, conducts joint projects, publish their articles and research. The independent experts' views and conclusions may not match the views of "Orbeli" Center.