The Problems and Strategies for Improving the Demographic Condition in Armenia

2 m.   |  2019-12-11

International scientific-practical conference’s materials

“Orbeli” analytical-research center organized “The Problems and Strategies for Improving the Socio-Demographic Condition in Armenia” international scientific-practical conference on October 2, 3, in Yerevan. During the conference the experts and scholars touched upon the demographic issues of Armenia, presented scientific and analytical articles and reports.

Academic Council of the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University having reviewed the submitted materials, recommended them as scientific articles (Protocol of Session №156 of the Academic Council of YSU Faculty of Sociology) which are published on website.

Michael Malkhasyan, Armen Khachikyan, “The Current State of the Natural Population Change in the Republic of Armenia: Trends and Challenges” (original available in Armenian)

Armen Nersisyan, “The Demographic Crisis of the Republic of Armenia: Challenges and Prospects” (original available in Armenian)

Vahram Hovyan, “Repatriation Prospects in the Modern Era” (original available in Armenian)

Larisa Avetisyan, “Problems of Migration and State Regulation of Migration Processes in Armenia”  (original available in Russian)

Anna Bagirova, “Determinants of Fertility and Parenting in Russia as a Basis for Improving the Demographic Policy” (original available in Russian)

Mariam Voskanyan, “The Problem of “Brain Drain”: Case of Armenia” (original available in Russian)

Haykanush Chobanyan, “RA-EU Visa Regime Facilitation to Liberalisation: Readmission Issues in this Process” (original available in Armenian)

Haykanush Chobanyan, “Return and Reintegration: Challenges and Plans” (original available in Armenian)

Samvel Manukyan, “About the Problem of Increasing the Birth Rate in Armenia: Dynamics of Value System and Children’s Demand in Armenia”  (original available in Armenian)