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Armen Petrosyan graduated from Yerevan State University, Department of Arabic Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies. He has PhD in History. Armen has authored numerous scientific and analytical articles.  


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  1. Azerbaijani participation in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq: motives, processes and trends
  2. Islamic State threatening us is Azerbaijan: How it can be dealt with
  3. Pope’s visit was essential to the Lebanese-Armenian community
  4. Jerusalem Issue and New Opportunities of the Armenian Side
  5. Arabic countries are beyond the processes in Syria
  6. Syria: Temporary postponement of military actions or a possibility of political solution?
  7. One year without a president. What are the basis for the Lebanese crisis? 
  8. Reasons and possible developments of Turkey-Iran mutual accusations
  9. Armenia may have serious advantages in post-crisis Syria
  10. Formal or real reforms? Saudi Arabia appoints its first female ambassador
  11. Azerbaijan and Islamic States
  12. “Northern shield”. New cycle of tension in Israeli-Lebanese relations.
  13. “Holly place does not remain empty”, or who can occupy US position in Syria
  14. Middle East on the edge of 2019
  15. Azerbaijan as an important anti-Iranian conspiracy front
  16. Terrorist threat from neighboring unfriendly countries is of particular importance to Armenia
  17. Kurds use the Armenian factor for propaganda in Syria
  18. The status quo before 2014 in the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan is beneficial for Russia and the US. Orientalist
  19. Israel-Russia cooperation should become an applied example for Armenia
  20. The Aleppo liberation does not mean the end of the Syrian conflict
  21. The situation is that one match can cause a huge explosion. Petrosyan
  22. The bombings in Syria fits into the logic of numerous processes in the region


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