Blue Mosque in Yerevan

1 m.   |  2023-04-14
The jewel of Iranian architecture in Armenia

C hristian Armenia has always respected and shown a special approach to the cultural heritage and religious monuments of other nations.

Non-Christian traces, such as mosques, tombs, monuments and memorials have been preserved in Armenia. The most vivid example of this is the Blue Mosque in Yerevan. Despite the mosque’s distinctly Iranian architecture, all the Persian inscriptions preserved in the area and the travelers’ memories, Azerbaijan does not stop showing ambitions towards the mosque and keeps on trying to present it as an Azerbaijani cultural heritage.

Besides the Blue Mosque, many other Muslim monuments have also been preserved in the territory of Armenia. For instance, the tombstone of Aslan Ghaplan of Noradus, the medieval cemetery in the village of Vorotan and the khoyatapans preserved in the courtyard of the Sisian museum.

Zhanna Vardanyan, Mariam Ghukasyan, Satenik Petrosyan, Vruyr Simonyan