The issues of improving the socio-demographic situation in Armenia

2 m.   |  2019-07-15

“Orbeli” Center invites you to participate in the conference titled “Issues and Strategies for Improving the Socio-Demographic Situation in Armenia”, which will be held on the 2-3 October, 2019

 We are accepting submissions for researched articles, which will be peer reviewed. Authors will be given the chance to present their research during the conference after the approval by the Higher Qualification Committee 

The deadline for article submissions is September 25, 2019.

Requirements for article submission:

  • Articles should be academic in nature, with proposals on the demographic strategies of the Republic of Armenia including both natural population growth and migration issues. 
  • Articles outside the realm of demographic field but still affecting the overall discussion of the demographic challenges are accepted. All concepts and strategies are welcome.
  • Articles, which refer to modern theories and methodological approaches of the development and assessment on demographic policy and strategy, which are realistic and effective for Armenia, are also welcome.
  • The articles may include the following fields:
  • economy,
  • social,
  • healthcare,
  • cultural,
  • educational,
  • informational,
  • military,
  • regional policy,
  • infrastructure,
  • historical experience (realistic and efficient for Armenia or Artsakh), 
  • brain drain prevention, reduction or return, 
  • articles relating to other fields. 

Technical requirements

The length of the article should be up to 15 pages, including graphics, tables and annotations (Armenian, English, Russian) and keywords. Either of the 3 languages can be used (Armenian, English, Russian).

You can send your articles to [email protected].

Contact numbers: 060-40-70-40; 096-55-75-38

“Orbeli” Center, Yerevan, Arshakunyats 44.