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Satenik Petrosyan studied at Yerevan State University, Department of Turkish Studies, in the Faculty of Oriental Studies. She holds a Master’s degree.

She works at Public Radio of Armenia, in the programs editorial staff for abroad. Since 2017 she works as an expert at “Public Relations and Information Center of the Prime Minister of Armenia" SNCO. Satenik is now specializing in Regional Policy of Azerbaijan and Turkey, relations with Armenia, studies of inner political and social issues and media issues.


“The Massacres of Armenians in Baku in 1990 Followed by the Events of January 20 in the perceptions of Azerbaijani Society: “Black January” as an Azerbaijani Anti-Armenian Hatred Preaching Tool”

“Life is a Struggle that should be completed before the end: tells a participant of Gandzak self-defense in 1988”

“Erdogan’s Visit to Vatican: Summery of Turkish Assessments”


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